Our Projects and Accomplishments

Some of the projects completed by our team are:

  1. Completing indoor RF solutions for Andrews, we were appointed as the sole contractor for Soccer City, the only Stadium build that experienced no ‘snags’.
  2. Telkom RFO’s (This includes trenching, building manholes, microwave brackets, cable routing etc.)
  3. Successful completion of Micro cell site moves and installations - over 1400 ugrades.
  4. The entire BSC project for Vodacom RAN swap in NGA, SGA and MPU.
  5. Transcoder and RNC installations.
  6. Installation of the complete Telkom SA mobile backbone on behalf of Huawei.
  7. Vodacom Test lab at Techno Park was reticulated by our teams together with all new technologies tested by Vodacom.
  8. Installations of ASM, Grintek and Battery Technology rectifiers with batteries.
  9. Antenna rigging and moves (including mounting of antennas on building walls and roof tops, lattice masts, mono poles and palm trees.)
  10. Outdoor RF (from omni sites to 18 feeder triband sites, diplex and triplex sites RRU sites with fibre optic.)
  11. Sectorization for over 350 sites in Gauteng and Northern Borders Regions.

Rack swops

  1. Over 500 Motorola incell to mcell swaps, including Motorola Horison and Horison II installations.
  2. Swapped Huawei 2G and 3G using BTS or RRU’s.)

Our Fibre Optic Projects included:

more than 300 sites designed and built per annum!

  1. Splicing and testing of optic installations (Fujikura 60S and EXFO FTB 20 (1310, 1550, 1625).
  2. Access optics for Vodacom business clients.
  3. Ring feed fibres between Vodacom and Sentec for Vodacom MPU.
  4. Optic tie cables between Vodacom and other operators.

Additional Projects:

Worked on the DFA Network and have completed more than 8000 sites on alternatively Vodacom and Cell C networks, including many In-Building Systems such as:

  1. DAS Systems in 6 of the 10 Soccer World Cup Stadiums 2010
  2. Casinos
  3. Hospitals
  4. Government Buildings
  5. Office Parks
  6. Shopping Malls